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Male general wellness

from physical

to psychological

Now offering Trimix!

Discover Our Range of Services for Men at ARA

Dr. Ara Chitchyan specializes is using Regenerative Medicine approach to address health concerns specific for men. These include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Peyronie's disease

  • Body Dysmorphic Syndrome/Small (Member) Syndrome

  • Post Prostate Cancer treatment sexual dysfunction

We offer:

  • Overall assessment of health

  • DIagnosis

  • Treatment

    • Oral medications​

    • PRP - P-shot

    • Trimix and similar injectables

Why choose us?


At ARA, we are passionate about improving men’s health and wellness through available traditional treatments and regenerative medicine procedures. Dr. Chitchyan offers personalized care that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We believe that male general wellness is an important aspect of overall health, and we strive to provide the highest level of care to all our patients.

  • After hours and weekend spots are available

  • Individualized approach

  • We believe in what we do

  • Discretion is guaranteed!

Why do you offer these services?

As a physician Dr. Chitchyan is trained in treating impairment of any organ and organ system. So knowing what Regenerative Medicine can do for issues like osteoarthritis as well as for things like hair growth and improvements of eyesight and skin condition that are being done, it was not such a difficult decision for him to believe and learn how to use orthobiologics (PRP, stem cells and exosomes) in an area that is often not spoken about - male sexual performance.

Facts about the thing we don't talk about

  • 40% of men develop Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at the age of 40

  • average size of penis in US is 

    • flaccid 3.61 inches​

    • erect 5.17 inches

      • iPhone 14 dimensions: 5.78X2.81 inches

  • 85% of women are satisfied with the size of the penis of their partner

  • 55% of men are satisfied with the size of their penis

How can you help?

In more ways than you might think! With the advancements in medicine, there are things that few years ago were not even considered for use.

  • Conventional ED treatment - pills

  • Injectables: custom made mixes (Trimix etc)

  • PRP injections (P-shot)

  • Stem cell injections

  • Fat grafting

  • Exosomes

Why is procedure called P-shot?

It is named after Greek God Priapus who famously had permanent erection. Interestingly, initially that effect of PRP was not known and basically the procedure was named after a side effect, although very desirable, but still - side effect. 

Why not use an online doctor for treatment like Hims etc?

First of all cost. Did you know that the same amount of ED treatment in your local pharmacy with a coupon available for general use is about 10 times cheaper? 

But then why talk with a stranger over the video who are trying to quickly ask a question and move on (I am talking about virtual consultation needed for prescription)?

Let us walk you through the process. Let us explain it to you why this or that might be of value for you. There is no such thing as failure, as far as Dr. Chitchyan is concerned. Our motto applies to this as much as any other procedure or intervention. Knowing what causes your particular case is as important as treatment itself.

Benefits of PRP and Regenerative Medicine procedures for men

When it comes to possible increases in size, these are usually visible immediately to some extent but more so they are apparent closer to 6 months after the procedure. Girth increases faster, length - slower and not as much as we would have hoped for. It is a toss up if gains are permanent or temporary. It is worth mentioning that without identifying and eliminating factors that caused you to need this, obviously damage will continue and sooner than later you will need another treatment.

Main reasons for Erectile Dysfunction are psychogenic and somatic. Most of the time these overlap and co-exist. Stress, depression, lack of sleep, low energy levels - all can cause ED. All these need to be taken into consideration prior to choosing treatment. 

Somatic reasons can be grouped into three separate categories. A very diverse group of illnesses, acute and chronic, can affect blood circulation - diabetes, heart disease, aterosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, connective tissue disorders, Other conditions may affect nerve supply to the area - spinal cord injuries, strokes and similar. These pathologies directly affect the mechanism of achieving and maintaining erection. Totally separate group of illnesses will affect erection indirectly - by affecting libido - desire to engage in sexual intercourse. Most famous condition in this group is so called "low T" or reduction of testosterone production.

Bottom line, it is extremely important to find out the reason for Erectile Dysfunction in each individual case. If indicated, P-shot should start working within 3-4 days and results should achieve their peak at about 3-4 months and last at least 9-12 months. Modifying risk factors will make huge difference in deciding if you need another procedure or not. There is no physiological basis for effects of PRP to lessen over time. In fact in theory, once the effect of PRP starts, it should continue and results should be permanent; as long as there is no ongoing damage. Main reason for failure of PRP is just that - continued process that caused ED in the first place.

What are platelets?

Platelets, or thrombocytes are unique cells that circulate in large quantities in our blood. They do not have nucleus and are more transportation vehicles than anything else. One of the first platelet functions discovered was initiation of hemostasis - blood clot formation in case of bleeding. Without them we would literally bleed to death from even minor cuts. Normally platelets are inactive as they float throughout our body and that is why we do not form blood clots inside our body, in the absence of pathology. If activated, they release lots of different molecules that were stored safely inside. Those molecules have different roles, but can be grouped into signaling molecules, growth factors and adhesion molecules (this list is by no means all inclusive). Activated platelets clump together forming a physical barrier that stops bleeding. Further research showed that platelets also carry very important growth factors that eventually results in tissue regrowth where the injury happened. Their cellular membranes also serve as initial collagen matrix that allows stem cells to "move in" and populate the area


How do PRP and other regenerative medicine products work?

As far as we can tell, regeneration of tissues is dependent on three different processes:

a. Signaling

b. Migration of stem cells

c. Vascular regrowth and collagen synthesis

Normally an injured tissue is able to initiate this cascade by exposing signaling molecules that activate platelets and when interacting with white blood cells broadcast that informations to the rest of our body. This is not always the case. If injury is too small, it may not trigger a major response or any response. Sometimes, injury is outside of reach of white cells. Sometimes the area has no stem cells and low levels of growth factors. 
Any of Regenerative Medicine products attempt to address one or more stages of that process in the absence of injury. Platelets address all three, but without specific order. Stem cells orchestrate all these processes.

That’s why we offer regenerative treatments for Peyronie’s Disease as well as penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, we help our clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage their medications to ensure a good quality of life.

As part of your consultation, we will go over following:

  • Comprehensive health assessment

    • including review of your current medications​

    • we will gladly call your PCP to discuss potential changes to your medications 

  • Review of exercise routine

  • Diet evaluation

  • ED diagnosis

  • Mood assessment

Hopefully it is clear by now that at ARA you get more than just a P-shot. All inclusive procedure price includes Initial Evaluation and at least 1 if not more follow up sessions. We also provide samples of oral ED medications if those can potentially be effective.


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