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Resources for patients

If you are a patient, you are undoubtedly acutely aware of how expensive getting treatment can be. Sometimes a minor encounter at Urgent Care or ER or even Doctor's office can result in an astronomical expense. It is even more relevant this year, due to recent changes in Insurance Market. We have seen new plans with high out of pocket cost, and high deductibles that have to be met before Insurance kicks in. All this combined with general anxiety about economy creates a rather unnerving state for the patients as well as doctors. You have your health and we have an obligation to you, to keep our doors open and run our businesses successfully. 

In public eyes, Regenerative Medicine remains investigational and speculative. So paying for it is your responsibility. This page contains resources that are available for you specifically at ARA if you are not able to afford our care. Come back to this page frequently as it will be updated regularly

1. Pricing

At American Rehabilitation Associates it is our goal to provide treatment to anyone who needs it. That is reflected in our pricing that undercuts majority of our competition. In fact, if you find a provider for Regenerative Medicine procedures that has lower prices - we will match that price.

2. Pay with Afterpay

We are happy to announce that Afterpay is available at checkout! It is a resource that allows our customers to split their payments into much more doable installments. You are able to use it for anything - copayments, deductibles, coinsurance and regenerative medicine procedures!

3. Although there is no price for your health, however, if you are truly unable to pay for any treatments or fulfil any of your financial obligations, please let us know. Our goal is to be able to provide 5 free PRP procedures to those who need it most a month.

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