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Welcome to ARA!

ARA (American Rehabilitation Associates) is Modern Pain Management, Regenerative and Rehabilitation Medicine Practice blending mind of Dr. Chitchyan with Unique Procedures while maintaining focus on Patient. We use Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP. Addressing Joints, Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles; Peyronie's disease, Erectile Dysfunction
We are Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management Practice located in Peachtree City. 
Our Physician, Dr. Ara Chitchyan, MD has extensive experience treating Musculoskeletal and Neurological ailments like Osteoarthritis, Acute and Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sports and Trauamtic Injuries, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury and many others. 

Dr. Chitchyan is a medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As a physiatrist, Dr. Chitchyan focuses on a patients ability to function, and can treat multiple conditions that affect the brain, nerves, spine, bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Dr. Chitchyan can diagnose and treat pain that is a result of injury, disease or a disabling condition. Physiatrists often lead a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and physicians in a patients treatment or prevention plan.Dr. Ara Chitchyan is many things, but he is not:

  • is not a Chiropractor

  • is not a Physical Therapist

  • is not a Psychiatrist

  • is not an Addiction Specialist

This is how it all begun.

Spring 1998. Yerevan (capital of Republic of Armenia, an independent but so co-dependent country in Trans Caucasus region) was finally waking up after a cold and long winter. It was longer than usual and colder than usual. Military blockade by neighboring Azerbaijan was easing up but was still unrelenting. Everything was rationed. Water and air - those were the only things that were not. Armenians are proud of few things. Themselves - of course - we were after all the first nation to have redheads, accept Christianity as a state religion, centuries before Rome (truth, 100%, no questions), first ones to invent coffee (debatable), first ones to invent automobile (defiantly debatable). Jokes aside, Armenians found humor in anything. Even after earthquake of 1988, when half the country was turned upside down in a matter of seconds and a nation of 3 million all of a sudden became nation fo 2.8 mln, it was this unrelenting humor that helped the nation to survive. Not just survive but start a war and actually almost win the war. Or at least that was the mood of Spring of 1998. Gas pipeline was finally secured from Russia and Nuclear Power Station was finally operational (shut down in the wake of previously mentioned earthquake). Enemy was retreating, morally defeated. There was reason for excitement. Reason to actually pay attention to blooming trees. 

Everyone was getting the fever. Feel good fever. Because everyone was in equally bad condition, everyone was happy. There was no classism left, no separation between richest and poorest - mostly because no amount of money could buy you anything.

Dr. Chitchyan was a medical student then. He was finishing up penultimate year of medical school and it was close to the time of decisions. What to do next, what to specialize in and in general, where to go from here? Not only geographically but really rhetorically - coming from extremely humble upbringing when having a pair of shoes without holes in the soles meant either some rich relative sent them or because his dad fixed them - he was not sure what to do with these mixed emotions. Soon he will be in charge of his own everything. There was excitement no matter how you approach that.

In addition to all that he was getting ready to go to Greece in the summer time as an exchange student! This was the first time that an image of Fenix came to his mind. He learned about these magical birds from one of the numerous books that he read. In fact he read so much and at such a fast pace that he soon run out of books that were worth reading. 

Later in life when he was contemplating opening up his own clinic the image of Phoenix kept coming up as a logo. So he adopted it in the first iteration of ARA's logo the original one:

It served us well for 12 years. We felt it was time for change!

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