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American Rehabilitation Assocaites PC:
various policies

Please read through this page carefully. Here we attempt to describe various policies that govern our daly clinic life. Please try to follow this policies as we attempt to create safe and relaxing environment for everyone. 

  • Everything you tell us is confidential; we do not share, collect or otherwise misuse your personal information. This is governed by so called HIPAA laws. See separate Privacy Policy here.

  • We are honored that you may choose us as a member of your healthcare team. When filling out forms online, some of the information may be pre-populated. Please make sure that information that is provided is correct and up to date. 

  • We are boutique low volume, high quality medical clinic. We are unique, and so are you. Your needs will be uniquely evaluated and uniquely addressed.

  • Regenerative Medicine is considered experimental and investigational by consensus of medical and legislative community. Despite mounting evidence of effectiveness and superior safety to any other medical intervention, there is still strong opposition to accept these interventions into medical day to day practice. This is due to lack of coordinated effort, absence of practice standards and rampant misuse of technology in the hands of non-qualified practitioners. So be careful choosing your providers! As you will see in the informational section of this site, not all PRP is created equal. If you or your loved one were harmed by these unethical practices please feel free to report those instances to FDA. This will not only help you, but will also help the field of Regenerative Medicine. 

  • At ARA we base our treatment plan on science and knowledge. Dr. Chitchyan is first and foremost a Physician who took Hippocratic oath seriously. "Do no harm" sometimes means not doing something, to avoid harming the patient. As such, treatment plan may or may not include procedures. But, if suggested, it implies high chance of being successful.

  • Our financial policy is simple: payment for services is required and is due at the time of provision of services. If you have medical insurance, we will accept their payment if we are participating provider. Co-payments and co-insurances are due at the time of service, usually collected at the end of your visit. Although Regenerative Medicine procedures are not covered by Major Medical Insurance Carriers, however, these will cover the cost of Initial Evaluation (consultation), as well as any follow up that may be needed. In addition, Regenerative Medicine procedures are considered Healthcare related expense, and as such these expenses can be reported on taxes and HSA can be used to cover these..

  • American Rehabilitation Associates PC is a for-profit organization. We are not able to provide services free of charge. However, Dr. Chitchyan strongly believes in creating unhindered equal access to healthcare for anyone. We as an organization pledge to not discriminate based on gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other unique attributes that makes you uniquely you. As part of this non-discrimination policy, we do not discriminate based on your ability to pay. Dr. Chitchyan much rather provide services free of charge then make payment for his services a prerequisite of being cared for. All we ask in return, is your pledge to make good faith effort to pay for services provided. Ask us about various ways we can help make these rather expensive procedures more affordable.

  • Please note that the office is a smoke free and drug free environment. We do not store any medications on site and do not dispense any medications from the office. We do not carry cash.

  • We believe in second amendment, however for your, our and our fellow humans safety, please resist those urges and refrain from bringing any weapons with you inside the building.

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